Saturday, December 28, 2013

After Christmas

It's time to put all the decor away but we just finished the ginger bread train 3 days ago. Oh well.

Monday I took gpa to the
Gpa's daughter came over Christmas eve & we celebrated Christmas.  It was really nice. We played a little game of scrabble,  went to cedar key for lunch, unwrapped presents. On Christmas we actually went my fiancĂ©' s grandmother's celebrated Christmas,  then to his aunt's for lunch, then to our friends house to do presents there too. Whew. We had a family friend stay with gpa.

I went to the store yesterday to get wrapping paper for next year! I got a Big boss oil-less fryer for Christmas so hopefully get to try it out today! :) yum

Still no phone call from the doctor's office about gpa's x-rays. Ugh. Guess that means no broken toe and on to something else? He did get up once last night but it wasn't an outburst or anything, just to turn off the light in the kitchen.

If anyone has any recommendations on humidifiers to help with cat allergies...I need it. So miserable!

Friday, December 20, 2013


So I haven't been wanting to blog because of the negativity that is in my head. Not about being here, but about who your friends are. My fiance has taught me a phrase that is so true "a friend in need is a friend in deed". It's so true. That's all my ranting about that though...

We had some fun now...

While we were away his buddy was here taking care of gpa. He was only able to get gpa to soak his food one night (in Epsom salt to help his toe) , for this is not an easy task. He finally told him "if your foot isn't better I'll get in trouble when she gets home"

So one day he was asking about his pistol constantly  instead of telling him someone else has it (I have a 5 pages of notes to answer just about anything) he tells gpa my fiance has it. So gpa says well I need to get him back. We tease that he should hide the tv in the desk (sense we apparently hide everything in the desk according to gpa)

----so weird?
My fiance turns of the TV last night to get gpa to go's 10pm! Somehow his patch comes up & gpa says "she said we aren't doing one tonight" --or something like that. Of course I didn't say that. Then after he showers I go to do his patch & he says that again plus that he didn't get one last night either. I just yes, I put it on last night. Then he said well you took it off. I disagree...this goes on a couple of times. Then I pull of his patch & he says well you took it off & put it back on. ---That just doesn't make a bit of sense. I know Alzheimer's doesn't make sense but it's puzzling how the brain is working/not working.

Yep....there's more!!

So while we were visiting my family I learned how to make my papa's homemade yeast roll recipe---not good for the waistline! It was his mother's recipe! They are so amazing. I'm going to try to make them today!! Yikes! I was going to try to make them yesterday but I had to wash our new pyrex & rubbermaid then we got a CAT!  An indoor cat at that. Oh my allergies are kickin' today. I'm going to study on bookkeeping too since I'll be bookkeeping for my fiance's business...yikes!

Okay...did I update enough? I think that was good. Now to work

Friday, December 13, 2013

after vaca

So I started to blog on my trip to texas but never finished it. What a week!! Ice ice baby in Texas!

Well we just got back Tuesday.  Did I mention we drove? Yawn & what a mess to come home too. Haha leave gpa & his Buddy here. ..not much cleaning got done. Oh well.  They had a great time.

Now I'm injured though.  Just got back from working a promo job, cleaned kitchen & now...ouch. no right hand for a couple days.  Not tendinitis again though.  Im so glad I finished laundry & grocery shopping!

OK I can't handle typing on my phone with one hand...& I'm no lefty.  Until next time

Thursday, November 28, 2013

story time & update

Update: sorry I haven't felt like
writing. Everything has been good until last night. Gpa took a shower but then but his regular pants back on - not pjs. I met him in the kitchen, he was looking in the fridge. He said he has to get something to eat, he felt faint. Made him a sandwich & he drank 2 vanilla shakes...The nutritional ones. Couldn't believe it.

My apologies, I started typing a post and never finished it....It'll be awhile til I post again. You see, our favorite time is shopping for Black Friday (although now it kind of stinks being all week of deals). We love it & have a lot of fun with it. I'm roasting my first Turkey!!!! YIKES! Wish us luck! Then off to shopping we go. Won't be back til Friday afternoon, then Sat we are working 7am-2pm then driving to Texas to see my family.

Recap: Took Gpa to doctors again. Found out something in bandaids he's allergic too. So fun! Got a new battery for the car with Gpa. The lady tried telling me "Since your battery was low it was making your alternator work harder". He laughed. It was great times. He ate 3 Burger Kings that day...yes he loves Burger King.
He assisted with laundry yesterday & making his bed. Other than that nothing too exciting is going. Just a lot of prepping for Thanksgiving & our trip.

Friday, November 22, 2013

It happens again

Sadly, I do not have enough energy or desire to blog lately. One because it's been hectic and secondly because it's been somewhat negative.

Positive...Worked an awesome event yesterday where I witnessed something that brings me hope in humanity. A college kid won football tickets, only needed 1 ticket and offered someone else the other ticket (that was 1 person too late to win!). It was truly moving. :)

I was able to bring grandpa out last night and bring him home without threatening to jump out of the car. So that is a big positive! Doesn't happen all the time, but seems to happen more in the evening.
He's been complaining of his back hurting. Not sure if I need to wait it out or take him to the doctor? I'm guessing it's because he is pretty sedentary. It's been rainy lately, so harder to get him moving. Least he's still eating good! :)

Hopefully we found a caterer for our wedding. Haven't heard back on how much it'll cost us yet...yikes!

Very excited to see my family soon. So ready to get hugs & play some 42 with our best grandparents!! Indeed they are!

Hopefully I'll post more interesting and entertaining news soon.


Let me say I am thankful. The accusations of me hiding his pistol has lessen. However, I'm thinking tonight might change. We will see! Fire time then I'll fix supper. Just finished 6miles on treadmill, so needed!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Shock Collar

So, my loving fiance believes that the shock collar for kids would be the best form of punishment...kind of like dogs. Not enough to hurt them, but enough to get their attention. No spanking, time outs etc....a simple press of a button and they stop that behavior. Needless to say he hasn't been around many kids.

Well I have always been against this method...until taking care of his grandfather, but with one major difference....I want it on anyone that wants to visit gpa or visits us with gpa around. Pay attention people to facial expressions and body language. Seriously. Somebody starts talking about his son that passed away, his house that he sold, his pistol, or that my fiance & I drink alcohol! Seriously people, does he need to relive the fact that his son passed away? It took me over 4hrs to calm him down because we thought we should tell him the "truth"...he wanted to commit suicide, he was angry, he cried, he was confused why "nobody told him"--they did he DOESN'T REMEMBER---he attended the funeral. If I start making a face at you, shake my head no, start disagreeing with you, please please SHUT UP. It's not that I want to be rude, it's because I want to PREVENT issues. Yes I realize we live in a world that we only care about stuff AFTER it happens. "Oh I'm I need to take meds. Oh I'm broke, I should get a job." Instead of "I should work & save my money" & "I'm going to take care of myself so I can be healthier".
Why is it so hard to think this way???? Prevent problems. It makes everyone's life easier. Just like you don't curse in front of children...let them watch violence or stay up til 1am every night....okay? Same concept.

Yes this is a huge rant. My apologies. It just aggravates me. He's not stupid...he still has a brain. Don't talk about things that may make him feel bad, confused. If someone comes over, I have written 4 pages of notes...yes 4 pages! Includes medications, how to handle situations, talking points, & things not to mention. How hard is it? He still likes to talk....loves to talk. It may be the same story over again but he loves to talk.

---Dislike CVS---
I take care of gpa's medical & most financials. I am the primary contact information for pretty much everything. I pick up his medication often times without him present (or in the car eating his Burger King, his favorite place ever!). So his normal CVS pharmacy knows the females ask me how he is doing & flirt with him when he does come in. I receive a phone call asking for him, I tell them that I take care of that for him...real snotty the lady goes "well do you know his DOB?" I say it. she says "well, it's time for ____ & ___ to be refilled". I respond, "No it's not, he has plenty right now, but thanks for being rude goodbye." For real. He stopped taking his medication last year about this time. You're going to be rude to me because I make sure he takes it every day? I get refills, I schedule everything. REALLY? But you CVS...have your pharmacy ask "Are you sure you want this medication it's $140" or don't even bring it to the counter & I have to ask for it. doctor just prescribed him the most expensive medication for kicks & giggles.
Today must be rant day

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Has it been that long?

I greatly apologize in my delay! I know you were barely holding on to life without my daily words...hahahahaha yea..
Well, yes it's 12:20 and I am drinking coffee! I am not motivated to update or anything. I am going to do my best!

So Mike & I were able to work together on Weds night! The other girl that was suppose to work with me bailed last night (well 4 hrs prior to the event start time)! So luckily Steve was over & we just asked him to stay for a few hours until we returned! Once again...we failed to take pictures! We are majorly slacking. We use to take pictures of ourselves everywhere we went. Not so much lately. Thurs, Fri, & Sat just all run together like it was one day. I had a dermatology appt Friday...yay it's just a mole on my arm...?! & I got some meds for my Eczema--of course the PA didn't believe me I've had it like all my life. We did a garage sale Fri & Sat at Mike's grandmother's house. They have been loong loong days-but so worth it! Need to get rid of so much stuff! Least we made some progress this wkend! We had a groupon for the Melting Pot & needed to use it prior to expiring, so we ate ate ate there on Friday for dinner.
Oh then Sat I broke my phone screen. Luckily it's not totally broken...yet. I'm notorious for dropping/breaking things. That's why I had the otterbox on my last phone! I was just sitting, went to get my phone out of my pocket & boom! down for the count. Oh and silly me...I thought having the Sprint insurance would do good. I was scammed! Last phone stopped charging 1 1/2 mths before the contract was up...they wouldn't do anything about it--because I didn't have insurance. So I waited to bill what happens? They charge me full price instead of upgraded price. Thanks Sprint...that's how you treat someone that's been with you ever since she's had a phone....12 years!!! So get that fixed and now with my insurance to fix this phone it's going to cost me $150 but shipping is free. REALLY? I can get my phone for free at wal-mart. How is $150 a fraction of retail price?

So I will be stuck with my phone. Already wasted $100 for insurance. So anyone have any recommendations on phone carriers? I've always loved Sprint...but the last 6mths....they have disappointed me greatly!

I have to give props to Ordered 2 prints from them. 1 of them was a collage & the customer service rep helped--I could not for the life of me get our faces in all the boxes. Then I told you Mike's present was horrible...that was the 2nd order. I looked it up, it was my fault. Totally admit that. However, I'd expect the company to see it & say this is horrific, cannot be on purpose, & confirm order. Nope! This print was completely useless. It will be put in the burn pile...unless they want it back. I didn't realize I needed to change it from portrait to landscape. Well, yet again, they blew me away. They are letting me redo the order! I feel bad...but I can't believe a professional would let it go through like that.
So I ordered that this morning, started laundry, cleaned out my car, now it's dishes, workout fold laundry before Shellie's son's birthday party. Yep Gpa is up & I'm going to attempt to take him. We will see. Her son really like's Gpa.

Gpa has been good. His foot is healing. Still stubborn but that's him! He did walk in on me in the bathroom this morning. That's always a nice surprise. Oh, & Friday, when I tucked him in he asked me what the doctor said. It means the world that he asked! For one he remembered! 2...he hasn't ever expressed too much emotion until recently. So to have him ask :) :) :) brought me smiles!

Did I bore you yet? Nothing that exciting or funny lately...yet. Just wait, just around the corner!


So, to let you know, between Mike & me...we have roughly 35 years of customer service/sales experience. We pay deep attention to sales/customer service while we are out and about. Whether we are at a restaurant or a store...we'll listen to sales pitches from across the room, look at body language, etc etc. We find it very entertaining. So when we experience good customer service I review it on yelp, their personal site, their manager (when did at the melting pot Friday night). When it's bad....we do the same! We have tipped a bus boy more than a waiter, a house keeper helping us find our way through a hotel...people that aren't expecting tips.
Well we have already disowned Best Buy because of multiple bad experiences. Now I'm also quitting CVS! So upset with them. I'll tell you about it tomorrow. cooking dinner.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


I'll explain the title later...because it's a great story.
I don't have tie now...go figure.
I am just soooooooooooooooooooooooo disappointed.
I had bought Mike a Christmas present, just got here and isn't as good as I had envisioned! :(
okay, I'll update later. I just took my pre-jym & need to utilize the benefits of it after I finish paperwork for 2 companies! Then laundry, dishes, lunch for the boys...maybe update...then work tonight!


So Mike and I went on a cruise right before we brought Gpa home from the nursing home. We needed a moment for ourselves...& that's when he proposed. :) Our cruise director was absolutely hilarious! I mean amazing. He was from Britain. He told us a story about a time when he was in a restaurant. His waitress asked what he would like to order and he stated "a quickie". She was taken back...obviously because he said quickie instead of quiche. yeah much funnier said in person but what made what made it more funny & disturbing is that Mike's grandparents got the joke so quickly!!

It was pretty great. I was getting Gpa ready for a shower & he asked me "you sleeping with me tonight or Michael?" hahahahaha! I replied, "I think I'll stick with sleeping with one member of the family". Oh dear. It can be so much fun sometimes.

Every night, when I tuck him in either while I give him a hug or after he tells me "Bless Your Heart". That is truly what gets me through some days.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Silly Me!

I thought I would have a day to play catch up! Don't I learn by now?
First off here's some pics from Sat. Sadly we didn't get any pics of us together :(

Gpa was up & dressed but didn't want to go to church. Sad story, but it's a step closer I reckon. Instead we we joined our friends Steve, Karen & their kiddos at this Ocala Cracker old time festival thingy. It was fun. Then we had to drive an hr to get gpa's meds! ugh! we were exhausted.

Today I'm playing catch up! Finally. Friday night when I was working a girl told me about BA groups on fb that had more agencies & jobs I'm working on getting my profiles set for them, getting my mileage of the jobs I have performed/booked, getting caught up on gpa's medications (always have 2wks filled), laundry, basic cleaning (toilets, sweeping, etc), figure out grocery list, get ready for garage sale 2...& help my gf with her resume. ok...guess I better get to work... but i'll leave ya with this

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Is it suspenseful?

You know...never knowing when I'm going to update. Darn I'm trying to do this everyday up date stuff, it ain't easy!!

So last night was crazy crazy. Like I said, I was the manager for this morning's event....& they didn't finish booking my staff until 11:47pm last night. That's okay because we knocked out this morning's event! It was awesome. We were at the Fan Fest at the University of Gainesville.  Soo busy & so much fun. I'll get a few pics up asap!

I got to visit with Mike's cousin which is always amazing! Then I cleaned up the house since it has been neglected last few days. Laundry, dishes, etc etc. Mike had to work this morning's shift & also 12-5. He just got home with dinner. Gpa's shower is in takes him about an hr to get ready for bed.

Later crew

Friday, November 8, 2013

Short & Sweet

So it's been sooooo busy! here's another cliff note :

Yesterday...I found my wedding dress! I never believed the statement "you'll just know" but omg I felt it...I was all giddy and couldn't stop smiling.

I worked last night too busy busy but great event.
I didn't get to bed til after 1 am this morning we & left at 8am to head to Mike's gma's house. We were going to prep for the garage sale but we never got that far. Ran around all day then I had an event out 1 hr & 1/2 away

My other big news...aside from my dress!!!! Is that gpa asked "where is nay"? May sound odd but normally I'm the "cook", "squirt", or "the girl".
Have an event tomorrow morning that I'm managing. back latz!!!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Am I self-fish?

One day it will be smooth! Haha I don't believe it. Tuesday night I received an emergency call from one of the promo jobs asking for help for additional days. I was already booked & asked Mike if he would be interested. We found people to cover (watch gpa) for us today & Sat so yesterday morning I did paper work to get Mike signed up. Ugh. Mike hasn't needed a resume...ever! I had to make one yesterday...let me say it wasn't my best work.
Took me 2ish hours to get gpa up so I could take him to his doc appt. He has a toe infection & needs to see a foot doc. I hate I self-fish for not touching his dead toe nail? BY the way!!! I mentioned his toe nail at his first doc appt after bringing him home from the nursing home (we went 2 days after I brought him home bc there were 15 pills--or more & 3 eyedrops). They said no'll be fine...& look here...something! Ugh. That's why I hate retroactive care! Never a problem until AFTER!
All I got done yesterday was my weight-training & 2 rounds of mountain climbers, laundry, cleaning our george forman & getting the Christmas tree out of the box (before the appt). I did weigh while there with shoes & just ate & I had lost about 2lbs since last time I weighed! Woot!
Didn't get back to the house til late last night, I cheated & Mike called our nearest (only restaurant) food place & ordered it to go. I still had more laundry last night to do & sheets to put on the bed! I did get to talk to restaurant about catering for our sounded promising. Although, in all our free time we need to travel down there & try it.
Today I am trying on some wedding dresses! I have been one other time & only tried on 4 dresses. I'm doing this alone...which kinda sucks.
Oh...well I found a live frog in the house just now. I let it outside. Then I found the chicken I planned on cooking last night leaked all in the fridge. So I'm going to clean all that up, do some much needed yoga & get ready for wedding dress & my job tonight. Oh & def think I now need to make coffee!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

"It's like you have a kid..."

Ugh...anyone else get this comment from others? No, care giving for an Alzheimer's patient is not like having a kid!

This is a 77 year man that is set in his ways. Has his somewhat routine....and wants his pistol, pocket knife, & truck. Does that sound like a little kid? Yes, he may be picky about the food eats...& refuses to eat veggies...but that is about the only similarity. If he doesn't want to go somewhere...guess what....we aren't going! He is strong & physically capable of whatever he wants. If he doesn't want to get out of bed...well...he doesn't get out of bed.

So I have been working...and applying and have jobs coming up! YAY! I do "promo" jobs. Since my fiance does day trading right now & will be opening up his own store in the new year...doesn't really make sense for me to look for a full time job for just a couple months. Sat. I worked the FLORIDA v GA game in Jacksonville...which meant I left the house at 5am & got home at 8pm. Hence the delayed posting! I had a lot of catching up to do around the house. That & we have a new sitter to meet tomorrow...need to clean the house & prep for that! I have a training phone call for promo events this thurs & next thurs. I have another promo lined up for Sat. Oh & before my promo event this Thurs I am scheduled to try on wedding dresses!!! Yesterday I had to take Gpa to his eye appt, find "white" shoes for this promo job, & grocery shop.

So anybody else have issues with their doctor? Actually its not the doctor that's the problem its the staff. I asked the doctor to switch his medication (because one of his meds went from $90 a month to $200 a month!). & I called to ask questions about it & still haven't received a phone call back! It's been a week!

Oh ..I noticed last night that Gpa's feet look a little swollen & his veins are pretty blue/purple. I'm concern about it too. So another phone call to the doctor today to figure that out.

Ok I'm out for now. Workout time!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Don't get lost!

Another cliff note to get the DL (down low)

So from mid-April to close to the end of August my fiance was working 7:30-7:30 most days of the week & I was living in a new state, in a FOREST (reminder...I'm from the city!), & stuck with a 77 year man that believes "house work is women's work" & he has Alzheimer's... I'm not familiar with anything friends, no family, the house is still a wreck during this time, I'm trying to learn everything about Alzheimer's...I got sooo depressed, gained weight which equaled more depression. I'm cleaning toilets & his grandfather that has done nothing all day but sit & watch TV is wanting me to fix him lunch. REally?! You can't do that...? I'm painting, doing laundry, I scrubbed the living, dining, kitchen, & bathrooms on my hands & knees 3 separate occasions (to get the grout off from the tile) & he can't make a sandwich? Oh I felt like a slave & so alone. Can't go anywhere...well not very often. It may take 2 hrs to get him in the car for anything (dinner, doc appt, groceries)...or he may not go at all! P.S. he is strong...great health....just the mind isn't functioning to it's full capability.

What a hard transition. Luckily my fiance & I went to go visit my family at the end of August. We normally ride 100 miles, I say normally...we did 1 year. The next year Mike decided to break his femur, I drove straight from FL to the hospital...I got there at 6am---I remember bc Starbucks wasn't open yet. I parked & stayed 1 night there & figured I'd unload everything the next find MY ROAD BIKE STOLEN! My baby :( Oh...I cursed in front of my grandfather & just cried! Needless to say my grandfather & I ended up riding the race but only to mile 60 because he crashed & broke a part on his bike. This year we didn't ride well...simply because we have ridden maybe 10 miles in a year....yeah not ready for 100!

We found out on this trip that one of our good friends in Dallas has brain cancer & has a very short period to live. My fiance goes back to visit him (& help his old boss out a little bit) for 2 wks. Of course, I get tendinitis in my RIGHT wrist while he was gone. & I didn't know, had to go to the doctor to find out...joys $450 down the drain! :(

Oh what a learning experience...people keep asking us "have you done this yet", "what about this", "have you..." & etc.... really? We are trying to keep sane... while having a list of a billion things on our priority list! & trying to keep his grandfather happy, healthy, & safe!

I've been doing a lot of reading on Alzheimer's & sundowners obviously. Trying to learn how to "prevent" issues. Next blog will be more on some of the Alzheimer's stories...oh this will be good!

Happy Halloween!!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Now...for the rest of the story

Mike picked up his grandpa from the nursing home to take him to the funeral for his son (my fiance's uncle) & took him back. The house was not sanitary, just wait for the pictures....
The kitchen prior to us moving in...

this is an example of the bathroom before we tore it down to studs. Notice it's's suppose to be white. This bathroom (our bathroom) we stripped to the studs & rebuilt 

I moved in Feb to help Mike fix up the house...oh dear!
 first move in day.... we took the largest UHAUL possible & packed my car with our stuff from Texas.

So Mike's gpa was in the nursing home until mid march. We were hoping to have our bathroom completed before bringing him home but that didn't happen. Poor Mike had to take some showers outside with the garden hose!

We tiled the living, dining, & kitchen, painted all the rooms but his grandfather's, & replaced appliances. Whew.

Oh on March 5th, Mike proposed to me :) Today we are going to look at a wedding venue. Wish us luck

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Cliff Note version to get YOU updated

Let's start from the beginning...
Well maybe not the very beginning..

About 4 years ago I was working for a corporate wellness company in Dallas, TX. I was traveling up to 100% nationwide working for a PREVENTIVE, HEALTH conscious company. I met my fiance, Mike...who was in retail/sales management, temporarily in Dallas-1st & 2nd red flag right?! Needless to say he closed the deal with me, we were inseparable!
He's from Florida...planned on coming back to be closer to his family---my family not so happy about that. A couple years into our relationship I accepted a job in Tampa, FL. Our lease wasn't up in Dallas, it was still "high season" for Mike's job, so we PLANNED on him joining me once our lease was up. By the way...we cycle...he cycled to work, we would cycle to dinner, we rode the Hotter Than Hell, & he was cycling while I was in Tampa. *hint hint* I moved to Tampa in April 2012, (moved 5x but that's another story) Sept. 1st was our last day of our lease in TX. In the middle of July, on a Tuesday night I get a call from him. He was calm and clearly said "I'm waiting on the ambulance to take me to the hospital". He had broken his femur. I packed up my car, picked my grandfather up at the airport & we drove back to Texas in exactly 18hrs! I did not sleep until I hit the Texas boarder.

What does this have to get to Alzheimer's? Oh...I'm getting there. No worries!

We stayed with my gparents for a couple weeks after he left the hospital, I helped Mike at work (he was only in a wheel chair for a couple days!). We visit his family for the Florida.

----Here comes important stuff----
His grandparents are divorced. His grandmother has remarried. His grandfather lives about 45 mins away from his grandmother where his son lives (Mike's uncle).
We visit his grandfather & realize he hasn't been taking his medication properly, probably hasn't been eating everyday & memory is poor. We stopped by his house on our way back to Texas on a Monday morning to make sure he remembers to go to his doctor's appt & he doesn't remember we were there on Sat. On the way home...I told Mike...we need to make plans to get to Florida asap.

In December of 2012, we started getting calls concerning his grandfather. He started going to his old house & trying to get in, being somewhat threatening (several times)...he just couldn't remember he had sold the place. Luckily, he has a terrific & amazing friend that picked him up and took him to the hospital--only thing to really do. After 8hrs sitting in the waiting room his grandfather was admitted for "high blood pressure" & eventually admitted to nursing home.

So remember, mike's uncle lived with mike's grandfather. Well, he suffered from COPD and died in the home while the grandfather was in the nursing home. Mike's grandmother was concerned because he always came over on Sundays for lunch...came over, cops had to break into the house & found him.
Sunday Jan 13th late at night we got the phone call. Monday morning I drop Mike off at work on the way to my work (it was like 7am, I had an hr commute & he's work didn't open til 10). Mike calls in a replacement & rides his bike home before 8am. I talk to my wonderful boss & coworkers about the situation. I get home around 8pm, my grandfather (papa) is there, Mike is packed up & we are ready to drive to FLORIDA. Papa & I drove him there & drove back...we both went back to work Friday am!

3 years is enough for post one right???

Too be continued!!