Wednesday, November 13, 2013


I'll explain the title later...because it's a great story.
I don't have tie now...go figure.
I am just soooooooooooooooooooooooo disappointed.
I had bought Mike a Christmas present, just got here and isn't as good as I had envisioned! :(
okay, I'll update later. I just took my pre-jym & need to utilize the benefits of it after I finish paperwork for 2 companies! Then laundry, dishes, lunch for the boys...maybe update...then work tonight!


So Mike and I went on a cruise right before we brought Gpa home from the nursing home. We needed a moment for ourselves...& that's when he proposed. :) Our cruise director was absolutely hilarious! I mean amazing. He was from Britain. He told us a story about a time when he was in a restaurant. His waitress asked what he would like to order and he stated "a quickie". She was taken back...obviously because he said quickie instead of quiche. yeah much funnier said in person but what made what made it more funny & disturbing is that Mike's grandparents got the joke so quickly!!

It was pretty great. I was getting Gpa ready for a shower & he asked me "you sleeping with me tonight or Michael?" hahahahaha! I replied, "I think I'll stick with sleeping with one member of the family". Oh dear. It can be so much fun sometimes.

Every night, when I tuck him in either while I give him a hug or after he tells me "Bless Your Heart". That is truly what gets me through some days.

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