Thursday, November 7, 2013

Am I self-fish?

One day it will be smooth! Haha I don't believe it. Tuesday night I received an emergency call from one of the promo jobs asking for help for additional days. I was already booked & asked Mike if he would be interested. We found people to cover (watch gpa) for us today & Sat so yesterday morning I did paper work to get Mike signed up. Ugh. Mike hasn't needed a resume...ever! I had to make one yesterday...let me say it wasn't my best work.
Took me 2ish hours to get gpa up so I could take him to his doc appt. He has a toe infection & needs to see a foot doc. I hate I self-fish for not touching his dead toe nail? BY the way!!! I mentioned his toe nail at his first doc appt after bringing him home from the nursing home (we went 2 days after I brought him home bc there were 15 pills--or more & 3 eyedrops). They said no'll be fine...& look here...something! Ugh. That's why I hate retroactive care! Never a problem until AFTER!
All I got done yesterday was my weight-training & 2 rounds of mountain climbers, laundry, cleaning our george forman & getting the Christmas tree out of the box (before the appt). I did weigh while there with shoes & just ate & I had lost about 2lbs since last time I weighed! Woot!
Didn't get back to the house til late last night, I cheated & Mike called our nearest (only restaurant) food place & ordered it to go. I still had more laundry last night to do & sheets to put on the bed! I did get to talk to restaurant about catering for our sounded promising. Although, in all our free time we need to travel down there & try it.
Today I am trying on some wedding dresses! I have been one other time & only tried on 4 dresses. I'm doing this alone...which kinda sucks.
Oh...well I found a live frog in the house just now. I let it outside. Then I found the chicken I planned on cooking last night leaked all in the fridge. So I'm going to clean all that up, do some much needed yoga & get ready for wedding dress & my job tonight. Oh & def think I now need to make coffee!

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