Monday, November 18, 2013

Shock Collar

So, my loving fiance believes that the shock collar for kids would be the best form of punishment...kind of like dogs. Not enough to hurt them, but enough to get their attention. No spanking, time outs etc....a simple press of a button and they stop that behavior. Needless to say he hasn't been around many kids.

Well I have always been against this method...until taking care of his grandfather, but with one major difference....I want it on anyone that wants to visit gpa or visits us with gpa around. Pay attention people to facial expressions and body language. Seriously. Somebody starts talking about his son that passed away, his house that he sold, his pistol, or that my fiance & I drink alcohol! Seriously people, does he need to relive the fact that his son passed away? It took me over 4hrs to calm him down because we thought we should tell him the "truth"...he wanted to commit suicide, he was angry, he cried, he was confused why "nobody told him"--they did he DOESN'T REMEMBER---he attended the funeral. If I start making a face at you, shake my head no, start disagreeing with you, please please SHUT UP. It's not that I want to be rude, it's because I want to PREVENT issues. Yes I realize we live in a world that we only care about stuff AFTER it happens. "Oh I'm I need to take meds. Oh I'm broke, I should get a job." Instead of "I should work & save my money" & "I'm going to take care of myself so I can be healthier".
Why is it so hard to think this way???? Prevent problems. It makes everyone's life easier. Just like you don't curse in front of children...let them watch violence or stay up til 1am every night....okay? Same concept.

Yes this is a huge rant. My apologies. It just aggravates me. He's not stupid...he still has a brain. Don't talk about things that may make him feel bad, confused. If someone comes over, I have written 4 pages of notes...yes 4 pages! Includes medications, how to handle situations, talking points, & things not to mention. How hard is it? He still likes to talk....loves to talk. It may be the same story over again but he loves to talk.

---Dislike CVS---
I take care of gpa's medical & most financials. I am the primary contact information for pretty much everything. I pick up his medication often times without him present (or in the car eating his Burger King, his favorite place ever!). So his normal CVS pharmacy knows the females ask me how he is doing & flirt with him when he does come in. I receive a phone call asking for him, I tell them that I take care of that for him...real snotty the lady goes "well do you know his DOB?" I say it. she says "well, it's time for ____ & ___ to be refilled". I respond, "No it's not, he has plenty right now, but thanks for being rude goodbye." For real. He stopped taking his medication last year about this time. You're going to be rude to me because I make sure he takes it every day? I get refills, I schedule everything. REALLY? But you CVS...have your pharmacy ask "Are you sure you want this medication it's $140" or don't even bring it to the counter & I have to ask for it. doctor just prescribed him the most expensive medication for kicks & giggles.
Today must be rant day

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