Thursday, November 28, 2013

story time & update

Update: sorry I haven't felt like
writing. Everything has been good until last night. Gpa took a shower but then but his regular pants back on - not pjs. I met him in the kitchen, he was looking in the fridge. He said he has to get something to eat, he felt faint. Made him a sandwich & he drank 2 vanilla shakes...The nutritional ones. Couldn't believe it.

My apologies, I started typing a post and never finished it....It'll be awhile til I post again. You see, our favorite time is shopping for Black Friday (although now it kind of stinks being all week of deals). We love it & have a lot of fun with it. I'm roasting my first Turkey!!!! YIKES! Wish us luck! Then off to shopping we go. Won't be back til Friday afternoon, then Sat we are working 7am-2pm then driving to Texas to see my family.

Recap: Took Gpa to doctors again. Found out something in bandaids he's allergic too. So fun! Got a new battery for the car with Gpa. The lady tried telling me "Since your battery was low it was making your alternator work harder". He laughed. It was great times. He ate 3 Burger Kings that day...yes he loves Burger King.
He assisted with laundry yesterday & making his bed. Other than that nothing too exciting is going. Just a lot of prepping for Thanksgiving & our trip.

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