Sunday, November 17, 2013

Has it been that long?

I greatly apologize in my delay! I know you were barely holding on to life without my daily words...hahahahaha yea..
Well, yes it's 12:20 and I am drinking coffee! I am not motivated to update or anything. I am going to do my best!

So Mike & I were able to work together on Weds night! The other girl that was suppose to work with me bailed last night (well 4 hrs prior to the event start time)! So luckily Steve was over & we just asked him to stay for a few hours until we returned! Once again...we failed to take pictures! We are majorly slacking. We use to take pictures of ourselves everywhere we went. Not so much lately. Thurs, Fri, & Sat just all run together like it was one day. I had a dermatology appt Friday...yay it's just a mole on my arm...?! & I got some meds for my Eczema--of course the PA didn't believe me I've had it like all my life. We did a garage sale Fri & Sat at Mike's grandmother's house. They have been loong loong days-but so worth it! Need to get rid of so much stuff! Least we made some progress this wkend! We had a groupon for the Melting Pot & needed to use it prior to expiring, so we ate ate ate there on Friday for dinner.
Oh then Sat I broke my phone screen. Luckily it's not totally broken...yet. I'm notorious for dropping/breaking things. That's why I had the otterbox on my last phone! I was just sitting, went to get my phone out of my pocket & boom! down for the count. Oh and silly me...I thought having the Sprint insurance would do good. I was scammed! Last phone stopped charging 1 1/2 mths before the contract was up...they wouldn't do anything about it--because I didn't have insurance. So I waited to bill what happens? They charge me full price instead of upgraded price. Thanks Sprint...that's how you treat someone that's been with you ever since she's had a phone....12 years!!! So get that fixed and now with my insurance to fix this phone it's going to cost me $150 but shipping is free. REALLY? I can get my phone for free at wal-mart. How is $150 a fraction of retail price?

So I will be stuck with my phone. Already wasted $100 for insurance. So anyone have any recommendations on phone carriers? I've always loved Sprint...but the last 6mths....they have disappointed me greatly!

I have to give props to Ordered 2 prints from them. 1 of them was a collage & the customer service rep helped--I could not for the life of me get our faces in all the boxes. Then I told you Mike's present was horrible...that was the 2nd order. I looked it up, it was my fault. Totally admit that. However, I'd expect the company to see it & say this is horrific, cannot be on purpose, & confirm order. Nope! This print was completely useless. It will be put in the burn pile...unless they want it back. I didn't realize I needed to change it from portrait to landscape. Well, yet again, they blew me away. They are letting me redo the order! I feel bad...but I can't believe a professional would let it go through like that.
So I ordered that this morning, started laundry, cleaned out my car, now it's dishes, workout fold laundry before Shellie's son's birthday party. Yep Gpa is up & I'm going to attempt to take him. We will see. Her son really like's Gpa.

Gpa has been good. His foot is healing. Still stubborn but that's him! He did walk in on me in the bathroom this morning. That's always a nice surprise. Oh, & Friday, when I tucked him in he asked me what the doctor said. It means the world that he asked! For one he remembered! 2...he hasn't ever expressed too much emotion until recently. So to have him ask :) :) :) brought me smiles!

Did I bore you yet? Nothing that exciting or funny lately...yet. Just wait, just around the corner!


So, to let you know, between Mike & me...we have roughly 35 years of customer service/sales experience. We pay deep attention to sales/customer service while we are out and about. Whether we are at a restaurant or a store...we'll listen to sales pitches from across the room, look at body language, etc etc. We find it very entertaining. So when we experience good customer service I review it on yelp, their personal site, their manager (when did at the melting pot Friday night). When it's bad....we do the same! We have tipped a bus boy more than a waiter, a house keeper helping us find our way through a hotel...people that aren't expecting tips.
Well we have already disowned Best Buy because of multiple bad experiences. Now I'm also quitting CVS! So upset with them. I'll tell you about it tomorrow. cooking dinner.

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