Monday, November 11, 2013

Silly Me!

I thought I would have a day to play catch up! Don't I learn by now?
First off here's some pics from Sat. Sadly we didn't get any pics of us together :(

Gpa was up & dressed but didn't want to go to church. Sad story, but it's a step closer I reckon. Instead we we joined our friends Steve, Karen & their kiddos at this Ocala Cracker old time festival thingy. It was fun. Then we had to drive an hr to get gpa's meds! ugh! we were exhausted.

Today I'm playing catch up! Finally. Friday night when I was working a girl told me about BA groups on fb that had more agencies & jobs I'm working on getting my profiles set for them, getting my mileage of the jobs I have performed/booked, getting caught up on gpa's medications (always have 2wks filled), laundry, basic cleaning (toilets, sweeping, etc), figure out grocery list, get ready for garage sale 2...& help my gf with her resume. ok...guess I better get to work... but i'll leave ya with this

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