Saturday, November 9, 2013

Is it suspenseful?

You know...never knowing when I'm going to update. Darn I'm trying to do this everyday up date stuff, it ain't easy!!

So last night was crazy crazy. Like I said, I was the manager for this morning's event....& they didn't finish booking my staff until 11:47pm last night. That's okay because we knocked out this morning's event! It was awesome. We were at the Fan Fest at the University of Gainesville.  Soo busy & so much fun. I'll get a few pics up asap!

I got to visit with Mike's cousin which is always amazing! Then I cleaned up the house since it has been neglected last few days. Laundry, dishes, etc etc. Mike had to work this morning's shift & also 12-5. He just got home with dinner. Gpa's shower is in takes him about an hr to get ready for bed.

Later crew

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