Friday, November 22, 2013

It happens again

Sadly, I do not have enough energy or desire to blog lately. One because it's been hectic and secondly because it's been somewhat negative.

Positive...Worked an awesome event yesterday where I witnessed something that brings me hope in humanity. A college kid won football tickets, only needed 1 ticket and offered someone else the other ticket (that was 1 person too late to win!). It was truly moving. :)

I was able to bring grandpa out last night and bring him home without threatening to jump out of the car. So that is a big positive! Doesn't happen all the time, but seems to happen more in the evening.
He's been complaining of his back hurting. Not sure if I need to wait it out or take him to the doctor? I'm guessing it's because he is pretty sedentary. It's been rainy lately, so harder to get him moving. Least he's still eating good! :)

Hopefully we found a caterer for our wedding. Haven't heard back on how much it'll cost us yet...yikes!

Very excited to see my family soon. So ready to get hugs & play some 42 with our best grandparents!! Indeed they are!

Hopefully I'll post more interesting and entertaining news soon.


Let me say I am thankful. The accusations of me hiding his pistol has lessen. However, I'm thinking tonight might change. We will see! Fire time then I'll fix supper. Just finished 6miles on treadmill, so needed!

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