Tuesday, November 5, 2013

"It's like you have a kid..."

Ugh...anyone else get this comment from others? No, care giving for an Alzheimer's patient is not like having a kid!

This is a 77 year man that is set in his ways. Has his somewhat routine....and wants his pistol, pocket knife, & truck. Does that sound like a little kid? Yes, he may be picky about the food eats...& refuses to eat veggies...but that is about the only similarity. If he doesn't want to go somewhere...guess what....we aren't going! He is strong & physically capable of whatever he wants. If he doesn't want to get out of bed...well...he doesn't get out of bed.

So I have been working...and applying and have jobs coming up! YAY! I do "promo" jobs. Since my fiance does day trading right now & will be opening up his own store in the new year...doesn't really make sense for me to look for a full time job for just a couple months. Sat. I worked the FLORIDA v GA game in Jacksonville...which meant I left the house at 5am & got home at 8pm. Hence the delayed posting! I had a lot of catching up to do around the house. That & we have a new sitter to meet tomorrow...need to clean the house & prep for that! I have a training phone call for promo events this thurs & next thurs. I have another promo lined up for Sat. Oh & before my promo event this Thurs I am scheduled to try on wedding dresses!!! Yesterday I had to take Gpa to his eye appt, find "white" shoes for this promo job, & grocery shop.

So anybody else have issues with their doctor? Actually its not the doctor that's the problem its the staff. I asked the doctor to switch his medication (because one of his meds went from $90 a month to $200 a month!). & I called to ask questions about it & still haven't received a phone call back! It's been a week!

Oh ..I noticed last night that Gpa's feet look a little swollen & his veins are pretty blue/purple. I'm concern about it too. So another phone call to the doctor today to figure that out.

Ok I'm out for now. Workout time!

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