Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Now...for the rest of the story

Mike picked up his grandpa from the nursing home to take him to the funeral for his son (my fiance's uncle) & took him back. The house was not sanitary, just wait for the pictures....
The kitchen prior to us moving in...

this is an example of the bathroom before we tore it down to studs. Notice it's yellow...it's suppose to be white. This bathroom (our bathroom) we stripped to the studs & rebuilt 

I moved in Feb to help Mike fix up the house...oh dear!
 first move in day.... we took the largest UHAUL possible & packed my car with our stuff from Texas.

So Mike's gpa was in the nursing home until mid march. We were hoping to have our bathroom completed before bringing him home but that didn't happen. Poor Mike had to take some showers outside with the garden hose!

We tiled the living, dining, & kitchen, painted all the rooms but his grandfather's, & replaced appliances. Whew.

Oh on March 5th, Mike proposed to me :) Today we are going to look at a wedding venue. Wish us luck

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