Sunday, October 27, 2013

Cliff Note version to get YOU updated

Let's start from the beginning...
Well maybe not the very beginning..

About 4 years ago I was working for a corporate wellness company in Dallas, TX. I was traveling up to 100% nationwide working for a PREVENTIVE, HEALTH conscious company. I met my fiance, Mike...who was in retail/sales management, temporarily in Dallas-1st & 2nd red flag right?! Needless to say he closed the deal with me, we were inseparable!
He's from Florida...planned on coming back to be closer to his family---my family not so happy about that. A couple years into our relationship I accepted a job in Tampa, FL. Our lease wasn't up in Dallas, it was still "high season" for Mike's job, so we PLANNED on him joining me once our lease was up. By the way...we cycle...he cycled to work, we would cycle to dinner, we rode the Hotter Than Hell, & he was cycling while I was in Tampa. *hint hint* I moved to Tampa in April 2012, (moved 5x but that's another story) Sept. 1st was our last day of our lease in TX. In the middle of July, on a Tuesday night I get a call from him. He was calm and clearly said "I'm waiting on the ambulance to take me to the hospital". He had broken his femur. I packed up my car, picked my grandfather up at the airport & we drove back to Texas in exactly 18hrs! I did not sleep until I hit the Texas boarder.

What does this have to get to Alzheimer's? Oh...I'm getting there. No worries!

We stayed with my gparents for a couple weeks after he left the hospital, I helped Mike at work (he was only in a wheel chair for a couple days!). We visit his family for the Florida.

----Here comes important stuff----
His grandparents are divorced. His grandmother has remarried. His grandfather lives about 45 mins away from his grandmother where his son lives (Mike's uncle).
We visit his grandfather & realize he hasn't been taking his medication properly, probably hasn't been eating everyday & memory is poor. We stopped by his house on our way back to Texas on a Monday morning to make sure he remembers to go to his doctor's appt & he doesn't remember we were there on Sat. On the way home...I told Mike...we need to make plans to get to Florida asap.

In December of 2012, we started getting calls concerning his grandfather. He started going to his old house & trying to get in, being somewhat threatening (several times)...he just couldn't remember he had sold the place. Luckily, he has a terrific & amazing friend that picked him up and took him to the hospital--only thing to really do. After 8hrs sitting in the waiting room his grandfather was admitted for "high blood pressure" & eventually admitted to nursing home.

So remember, mike's uncle lived with mike's grandfather. Well, he suffered from COPD and died in the home while the grandfather was in the nursing home. Mike's grandmother was concerned because he always came over on Sundays for lunch...came over, cops had to break into the house & found him.
Sunday Jan 13th late at night we got the phone call. Monday morning I drop Mike off at work on the way to my work (it was like 7am, I had an hr commute & he's work didn't open til 10). Mike calls in a replacement & rides his bike home before 8am. I talk to my wonderful boss & coworkers about the situation. I get home around 8pm, my grandfather (papa) is there, Mike is packed up & we are ready to drive to FLORIDA. Papa & I drove him there & drove back...we both went back to work Friday am!

3 years is enough for post one right???

Too be continued!!

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