Saturday, December 28, 2013

After Christmas

It's time to put all the decor away but we just finished the ginger bread train 3 days ago. Oh well.

Monday I took gpa to the
Gpa's daughter came over Christmas eve & we celebrated Christmas.  It was really nice. We played a little game of scrabble,  went to cedar key for lunch, unwrapped presents. On Christmas we actually went my fiancĂ©' s grandmother's celebrated Christmas,  then to his aunt's for lunch, then to our friends house to do presents there too. Whew. We had a family friend stay with gpa.

I went to the store yesterday to get wrapping paper for next year! I got a Big boss oil-less fryer for Christmas so hopefully get to try it out today! :) yum

Still no phone call from the doctor's office about gpa's x-rays. Ugh. Guess that means no broken toe and on to something else? He did get up once last night but it wasn't an outburst or anything, just to turn off the light in the kitchen.

If anyone has any recommendations on humidifiers to help with cat allergies...I need it. So miserable!

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