Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year

This was my first New Year in Eastern time zone. Kind of weird. I was all--oh...ball drops at midnight..not 11pm this year! haha. Yeah...I just didn't think about it til around 11pm. Go figure!

Oh dear, this will be the first night of stopping exelon patch. It cost $90 monthly with medicare. Then in the loophole it costs $140 a month!! So trying an alternative. The alternative is like $90 for 3 months....big difference! So, one week with nothing, then he starts the new medication. Pills 2x a day, as long as his doesn't have any negative side effects he will up dosage and all is good. Oh so hoping this works!

I think he is getting use to the kitty cat in the house, although, i think if he had his pistol he would shoot it. Good thing he doesn't have it!

No broken toe...but still purple. Nurse at the doctors office said eh you could take him to a foot doctor if it gets worse. Really? It's been over a month of this dang toe. It's purple... which is better but shouldn't be discolored. So I think now that it's a new year, we shouldn't be in the medicare "loophole" any longer & I'll call up the doc.

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