Saturday, January 18, 2014

Another Week...

Oh goodness...
We went to the wedding expo...which just started our unplanned eventful week!

Tuesday Gpa was eating lunch and starting jumping because it was so painful to chew. His tooth was hurting. Very unlike him. So I called the dentist at 1, they were able to see him at 3:45! Turns out he has a tooth that needs to be extracted! His dentist doesn't do that apparently?!?! Don't understand that one, so had to be referred to another doctor....apparently Medicare doesn't pay for any "teeth problems". So why does it even say a dentist accepts Medicare? This is beyond me...
One piece of news I can't share yet (no, i'm not pregnant)....but that news happened Wednesday.

Also on Weds, Mike was sick with the flu. Kind of ruined our big news. Thursday I worked and after that saw Kristina briefly so we could look at Bridesmaids dresses!! :) Found the dress yay!

Thursday when I got home I said...I don't feel so good. I mean I had been sleeping on the couch and being extra careful, but I still woke up Friday with a fever & the flu! :( Oh that was miserable! Luckily I think we are all good in the house....well until gpa get's his tooth pulled!'s never a dull moment here. If only I could find a maid...bc while I was sick this house turned into a major mess! Oh boys! So I'm attempting to get started on the clean up...won't get everything done but it'll be a start

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