Thursday, January 30, 2014

I may explode

So already have had a few rough days. Maybe because I'm not blogging and releasing it? Seriously if someone asks me one more time what hotel we are staying for the wedding or any more details about the wedding I may explode on them. Right now...if things don't go well there won't be a wedding because we won't afford it & maybe maybe we'll elope, or just sign courthouse papers. It'll be a lot cheaper and a lot more practical. Which is what we should do anyway. It'll cause a lot less drama and stress. Oh there's my practicality showing and not wanting to spend money. OK. If you keep asking about what hotel...I'll just say we're planning on staying under a bridge or we'll stay in your room! I have my dress, the venue, and the date. You want more? Too bad. My dress doesn't fit, no shoes, no decor, no catering, no time, no, no, no further information. Don't worry. If we are able to have a wedding...I'll let you know all the details when I know them.

Next explosion? Oh yes it's coming. His grandfather was supposed to have his tooth pulled today. Yes supposed. Drove out there & he refuses to have it pulled. Not only that but he claims it's not the right side, it's the left now. Yep. So next time it's hurting & he can't chew...I'll get to call the dentist & see if he'll pull it?! Hopefully it's a week day, the doc is available, & by the time we get there the tooth is still hurting! Like what am I suppose to do? Can't force it. Just accept that he'll hurt again because the tooth is hitting a nerve. Oh & now gpa wants to go home...not to the camp ('mind you...he sold his "home" & we do live at the camp). Yep Yep. I'm going to explode. What's so funny is that gpa was all cheery at the office when signing in. The ladies were like "aww is he always like this". Then afterwards they were like "oh". Everyone thinks that Alzheimer's is just a game. They don't care if they say stuff that's inappropriate because "he'll forget". I feel like before I go anywhere I need to give people a note that says "He has Alzheimer's, but he's not stupid. I'll pay for whatever needs to be paid. Do not mention POA, do not mention death, do not mention taking him home, do not mention...." ARGH...

Okay, thanks for the vent! I am now going to cry. Learn about quickbooks/drink preworkout. Then run on the treadmill til I can't feel anything! Yes...Yes that sounds a lot better than other choices I could make.

I'm done. For today. Whew, I feel better. Thanks. I needed that.

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