Saturday, February 22, 2014


In case you're wondering...I didn't explode.
My apologies for the delay. I know you must have been sooooo concerned. I have just been recovering from surgery trying not to explode...I'm not suppose to do any house work...I'm cleared to "lay elevated and watch tv and go to the restroom". Haha I followed that. I'm not suppose to elevate my heart rate to avoid infection. So trying to not overexert myself but still get stuff accomplished. My bum is tired of sitting.

I really have only one thing to say. I think his memory is improving. For real. I told him I was reading and like 3mins later he remembered. I don't know if that means anything whatsoever...but it's interesting. He does this occasionally with stuff.

Okay, fixing him dinner and back to reading. We are prepping to open our own business in the near future. Have lots of prep for that....aside from other maintenance duties...and recovering from surgery.

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