Saturday, January 25, 2014

new job title

Ever since I've taken on this "caretaker" role it's a whole new world.

Learning about Alzheimers, Medicare, Insurance, Medications, etc etc

So his doctor has closed his previous practice and opening a practice with another doctor. Which is fine except I know need all gpa's insurance info. was nice to not have to mess with that. I don't have his Medicare card or coinsurance cards..

Then occasionally he has complained about his tooth hurting and wanting a BC? So called the dentist up and asked what they recommend. He's on 14 medications...I can't just give him an OTC drug and hope it doesn't poorly interact with his meds. What do they say? I'll prescribe this my make sure the primary approves...his primary doctor wasn't in the office! UGH.

Good news, we moved the date he's getting the tooth pulled to a week earlier. :) yay

Ok...Now off to work.

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