Monday, January 6, 2014

New Year's resolution, it's the thing to do

Hello again .

So I've been thinking. .yikes I know, but of new years resolution.
First let me tell you,  forgive me if I already wrote this before.

1. When I was in high school I always said I'd love to marry someone that had enough money so I could volunteer (I imagined church work).
I guess I didn't tell God in he said here you go.

2. Mike in October ish, this is while he was healing from a broken femur stated, "I just don't feel challenged".  Well, you see where we are now.  Very challenged.

So my challenge for my new years resolution is simply to allow God to do his thing. To accept the present situation and be glad.
I just read my devotional...go figured, it so related to this. " Each challenge we face leads us to question: Will we trust in our own resources and strength, or will we rely on God for the outcome? "

I had been trusting on my on resources along side I'd read the Bible and pray. Instead I need to just give it all to him.

I know today had nothing to do with Alzheimer's, but my life is directly impacted by it every day. How my day goes, what gets done (as far as errands), how I feel, etc. If gpa doesn't wanna go to the store, get his meds, or go to church, guess what....I'm not going to go to the store, get his meds or go to church.

Let my heart & mind be in peace. Do all I can through the strength given to me through God's power.

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