Friday, December 20, 2013


So I haven't been wanting to blog because of the negativity that is in my head. Not about being here, but about who your friends are. My fiance has taught me a phrase that is so true "a friend in need is a friend in deed". It's so true. That's all my ranting about that though...

We had some fun now...

While we were away his buddy was here taking care of gpa. He was only able to get gpa to soak his food one night (in Epsom salt to help his toe) , for this is not an easy task. He finally told him "if your foot isn't better I'll get in trouble when she gets home"

So one day he was asking about his pistol constantly  instead of telling him someone else has it (I have a 5 pages of notes to answer just about anything) he tells gpa my fiance has it. So gpa says well I need to get him back. We tease that he should hide the tv in the desk (sense we apparently hide everything in the desk according to gpa)

----so weird?
My fiance turns of the TV last night to get gpa to go's 10pm! Somehow his patch comes up & gpa says "she said we aren't doing one tonight" --or something like that. Of course I didn't say that. Then after he showers I go to do his patch & he says that again plus that he didn't get one last night either. I just yes, I put it on last night. Then he said well you took it off. I disagree...this goes on a couple of times. Then I pull of his patch & he says well you took it off & put it back on. ---That just doesn't make a bit of sense. I know Alzheimer's doesn't make sense but it's puzzling how the brain is working/not working.

Yep....there's more!!

So while we were visiting my family I learned how to make my papa's homemade yeast roll recipe---not good for the waistline! It was his mother's recipe! They are so amazing. I'm going to try to make them today!! Yikes! I was going to try to make them yesterday but I had to wash our new pyrex & rubbermaid then we got a CAT!  An indoor cat at that. Oh my allergies are kickin' today. I'm going to study on bookkeeping too since I'll be bookkeeping for my fiance's business...yikes!

Okay...did I update enough? I think that was good. Now to work

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