Saturday, February 22, 2014


In case you're wondering...I didn't explode.
My apologies for the delay. I know you must have been sooooo concerned. I have just been recovering from surgery trying not to explode...I'm not suppose to do any house work...I'm cleared to "lay elevated and watch tv and go to the restroom". Haha I followed that. I'm not suppose to elevate my heart rate to avoid infection. So trying to not overexert myself but still get stuff accomplished. My bum is tired of sitting.

I really have only one thing to say. I think his memory is improving. For real. I told him I was reading and like 3mins later he remembered. I don't know if that means anything whatsoever...but it's interesting. He does this occasionally with stuff.

Okay, fixing him dinner and back to reading. We are prepping to open our own business in the near future. Have lots of prep for that....aside from other maintenance duties...and recovering from surgery.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

I may explode

So already have had a few rough days. Maybe because I'm not blogging and releasing it? Seriously if someone asks me one more time what hotel we are staying for the wedding or any more details about the wedding I may explode on them. Right now...if things don't go well there won't be a wedding because we won't afford it & maybe maybe we'll elope, or just sign courthouse papers. It'll be a lot cheaper and a lot more practical. Which is what we should do anyway. It'll cause a lot less drama and stress. Oh there's my practicality showing and not wanting to spend money. OK. If you keep asking about what hotel...I'll just say we're planning on staying under a bridge or we'll stay in your room! I have my dress, the venue, and the date. You want more? Too bad. My dress doesn't fit, no shoes, no decor, no catering, no time, no, no, no further information. Don't worry. If we are able to have a wedding...I'll let you know all the details when I know them.

Next explosion? Oh yes it's coming. His grandfather was supposed to have his tooth pulled today. Yes supposed. Drove out there & he refuses to have it pulled. Not only that but he claims it's not the right side, it's the left now. Yep. So next time it's hurting & he can't chew...I'll get to call the dentist & see if he'll pull it?! Hopefully it's a week day, the doc is available, & by the time we get there the tooth is still hurting! Like what am I suppose to do? Can't force it. Just accept that he'll hurt again because the tooth is hitting a nerve. Oh & now gpa wants to go home...not to the camp ('mind you...he sold his "home" & we do live at the camp). Yep Yep. I'm going to explode. What's so funny is that gpa was all cheery at the office when signing in. The ladies were like "aww is he always like this". Then afterwards they were like "oh". Everyone thinks that Alzheimer's is just a game. They don't care if they say stuff that's inappropriate because "he'll forget". I feel like before I go anywhere I need to give people a note that says "He has Alzheimer's, but he's not stupid. I'll pay for whatever needs to be paid. Do not mention POA, do not mention death, do not mention taking him home, do not mention...." ARGH...

Okay, thanks for the vent! I am now going to cry. Learn about quickbooks/drink preworkout. Then run on the treadmill til I can't feel anything! Yes...Yes that sounds a lot better than other choices I could make.

I'm done. For today. Whew, I feel better. Thanks. I needed that.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

new job title

Ever since I've taken on this "caretaker" role it's a whole new world.

Learning about Alzheimers, Medicare, Insurance, Medications, etc etc

So his doctor has closed his previous practice and opening a practice with another doctor. Which is fine except I know need all gpa's insurance info. was nice to not have to mess with that. I don't have his Medicare card or coinsurance cards..

Then occasionally he has complained about his tooth hurting and wanting a BC? So called the dentist up and asked what they recommend. He's on 14 medications...I can't just give him an OTC drug and hope it doesn't poorly interact with his meds. What do they say? I'll prescribe this my make sure the primary approves...his primary doctor wasn't in the office! UGH.

Good news, we moved the date he's getting the tooth pulled to a week earlier. :) yay

Ok...Now off to work.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Another Week...

Oh goodness...
We went to the wedding expo...which just started our unplanned eventful week!

Tuesday Gpa was eating lunch and starting jumping because it was so painful to chew. His tooth was hurting. Very unlike him. So I called the dentist at 1, they were able to see him at 3:45! Turns out he has a tooth that needs to be extracted! His dentist doesn't do that apparently?!?! Don't understand that one, so had to be referred to another doctor....apparently Medicare doesn't pay for any "teeth problems". So why does it even say a dentist accepts Medicare? This is beyond me...
One piece of news I can't share yet (no, i'm not pregnant)....but that news happened Wednesday.

Also on Weds, Mike was sick with the flu. Kind of ruined our big news. Thursday I worked and after that saw Kristina briefly so we could look at Bridesmaids dresses!! :) Found the dress yay!

Thursday when I got home I said...I don't feel so good. I mean I had been sleeping on the couch and being extra careful, but I still woke up Friday with a fever & the flu! :( Oh that was miserable! Luckily I think we are all good in the house....well until gpa get's his tooth pulled!'s never a dull moment here. If only I could find a maid...bc while I was sick this house turned into a major mess! Oh boys! So I'm attempting to get started on the clean up...won't get everything done but it'll be a start

Sunday, January 12, 2014

So Spoiled

I have been so spoiled lately. I apologize I haven't been able to brag all about it. Mike has been absolutely amazing in helping out. One night I was on the treadmill and he was inside with his grandfather. Gpa said something about "did the cook fix dinner yet". Mike responded something like "she's not just a cook, what if she's not here to cook?". Gpa said "we'll have to get a new cook". Remind you, this man grew up in the era where women were nothing but housekeepers. Keep the house clean, fix food, etc etc, but do not work outside the home. Mike ended up fixing him vienna sausages that night for supper haha. He like's them I promise but if I try to get him to eat that he would complain...he had no issues eating them whenever Mike gives it to him.

Update on Gpa's toe...took him to the foot specialist and go figure there's nothing wrong! It's just taking a long time to heal from the infection. Not a wasted trip though, the doc did nice detail work on his toe nails! Whew. & Gpa's insurance paid for it!

Today we are off to a Wedding Expo. Our wedding is May 28th and all we have is our venue & my dress. I guess that could be the most important things...however, I have a feeling our guests will want food and decor blah blah blah

I've been doing ShortcCut to Shred by Jim Stoppani on, already finished day 12 this morning! I'm sore!!!
I'm going to attempt to do the Transformation Challenge-Don't really care if I win, but I need it for me (and my wedding--dress).

Monday, January 6, 2014

New Year's resolution, it's the thing to do

Hello again .

So I've been thinking. .yikes I know, but of new years resolution.
First let me tell you,  forgive me if I already wrote this before.

1. When I was in high school I always said I'd love to marry someone that had enough money so I could volunteer (I imagined church work).
I guess I didn't tell God in he said here you go.

2. Mike in October ish, this is while he was healing from a broken femur stated, "I just don't feel challenged".  Well, you see where we are now.  Very challenged.

So my challenge for my new years resolution is simply to allow God to do his thing. To accept the present situation and be glad.
I just read my devotional...go figured, it so related to this. " Each challenge we face leads us to question: Will we trust in our own resources and strength, or will we rely on God for the outcome? "

I had been trusting on my on resources along side I'd read the Bible and pray. Instead I need to just give it all to him.

I know today had nothing to do with Alzheimer's, but my life is directly impacted by it every day. How my day goes, what gets done (as far as errands), how I feel, etc. If gpa doesn't wanna go to the store, get his meds, or go to church, guess what....I'm not going to go to the store, get his meds or go to church.

Let my heart & mind be in peace. Do all I can through the strength given to me through God's power.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year

This was my first New Year in Eastern time zone. Kind of weird. I was all--oh...ball drops at midnight..not 11pm this year! haha. Yeah...I just didn't think about it til around 11pm. Go figure!

Oh dear, this will be the first night of stopping exelon patch. It cost $90 monthly with medicare. Then in the loophole it costs $140 a month!! So trying an alternative. The alternative is like $90 for 3 months....big difference! So, one week with nothing, then he starts the new medication. Pills 2x a day, as long as his doesn't have any negative side effects he will up dosage and all is good. Oh so hoping this works!

I think he is getting use to the kitty cat in the house, although, i think if he had his pistol he would shoot it. Good thing he doesn't have it!

No broken toe...but still purple. Nurse at the doctors office said eh you could take him to a foot doctor if it gets worse. Really? It's been over a month of this dang toe. It's purple... which is better but shouldn't be discolored. So I think now that it's a new year, we shouldn't be in the medicare "loophole" any longer & I'll call up the doc.